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Feminists are not unhappy women who hate men

Title: We should all be feminists

Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Reviewer: Scholastica Moraa

Being a diehard Chimamanda fan, it is always a pleasure reading her works. Being a feminist it is an absolute thrill reading and rereading this treasure.  The book explores what a feminist is and what a truly beautiful world it would be if we were all feminists. Believing in a world where we are treated equally regardless of our gender.

We are living in a world where by being born female, women are already guilty of something. They are trying to measure up to the expectations the world has set but it is hard given the circumstances. Being unmarried is considered a personal failure while the unmarried men are said to be taking their time. We are raising men who are taught to be ‘hard’. Who are taught to be afraid of fear and vulnerability.  Then women have the more difficult job of catering to these fragile egos.

This is a beautiful book because it reminds us that feminists are not unhappy women who hate men and who shy away from their feminine said. But women advocating for a fair world. For both boys and girls. We really should all be feminists.

I would give this book a ten any day.