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Burt Prize to be launched on Wednesday

The National Book Development Council of Kenya (NBDCK) will on Wednesday, January 19, launch the William Burt Prize for African Literature at the Kenya National Library Services headquarters.
The award promises to be the most prestigious in the Kenyan literary scene, with the winner taking home Sh1 million (12,000 Canadian Dollars).

The Award is being administered in Kenya by the National Book Development Council of Kenya (NBDCK) with support from the Canadian Organisation for Development through Education (CODE). It is named after William Burt, a Canadian citizen who is a long time supporter of CODE.
According Ruth Odondi, the CEO of NBDCK, the Burt Award seeks to recognize excellence in young adult fiction, with the goal of increasing the literacy skills while at the same time nurturing a reading culture.
“As NBDCK, we are particularly concerned that school going children, particularly in the rural areas, do not have access to supplementary reading materials, which, in our view, has a negative impact on the quality of education,” she adds.
It is in pursuit of those goals that the Burt Award will consider works that target young readers between the ages of 12 and 18. She says that the Award committee will work closely with publishers for purposes of submission of manuscripts, which will then be assessed by a panel of judges who will then come up with the first three winners.
The second prize is worth Sh500,000 (6,000 Canadian Dollars) while the third prize is worth Sh250,000 (3,000 Canadian Dollars).
“We are inviting writers to come and get first hand, details of the competition,” says Mrs. Odondi.

10 replies on “Burt Prize to be launched on Wednesday”

am ok with that. i first presented my writing skill to Dorance Publishers in America and now feel good to hear this since there is a chance to win the 1M or equivalent. thanks for your award.

Ruth odondi, please let me know when the literary prize is open to the public.

this is the best accident the can ever happen to a writer. At least someone cares for up coming writers and the good news is that the accident is for our own good

I greatful to have this web.I am a collage student, talented in writting litrature. My first work had never been published. I would like to know if i am allowed to participate.
Greatful to have your feedback.
Wanyama George.

Everybody is free to enter this competition; not only for the prize but for the good of writing what can inspire even if it does not win.

James Kemoli Amata

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