Anyang’ Nyong’o’s New Book

Former Planning Minister Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o launched his new book A Leap into the Future: A Vision for Kenya’s Socio-political and Economic Transformation, at the Grand Regency on Wednesday October 10.
A Leap into the Future is a collection of speeches, essays and articles compiled during Prof Nyongo’s tenure as minister in the Narc government, and soon after. In the book, the author examines the challenges of development of development, analyses how Pan-African and global partnerships could facilitate development.
Prof Nyong’o also projects his vision for socio-political and economic transformation of the Kenya society in a bid to formulate an economic strategy capable of transforming the country to First World development.
The book is published by African Research and Resource Forum, with WordAlive Publishers as the consultants. Prof Nyong’o, who is currently ODM Secretary General, believes that if Africa is to lift itself from the current situation of economic stagnation, then African countries have to learn from the East Asian countries.
The book is in the form of essays Prof Nyong’o, presented over a four-year period (2002-2006), including when he was Planning minister.
Politics aside, Prof Nyong’o is considered to be one of the toughest thinkers to have come out of the African continent, and A Leap into the Future proves just that. While being incisive and convincing his arguments betray the fact that sufficient research and thought went into their crafting.
The book contains information that the author believes if followed to the latter would transform Kenya into an economic success. Finance, governance and economic students will find the ideas packed in the book to be of invaluable help.
With admirable insights, Prof Nyong’o proceeds to shatter some long-held myths as to why African countries lag behind in development. He also takes on global bodies like the UN, which on paper are mandated to help end suffering in the continent, but are instead pursuing policies that continuously subjugate the continent, while miring it in debt.
He however does not lose sight the fact that African leaders are to blame for the economic mess African countries find themselves in. The common denominator in all the essays is the fact that good governance is key to faster development.
And for good governance to be there, then a country’s politics have to be put in order. And on the local front, he gives a valuable peek into what went into the crafting the now famous MoU, which was disregarded by the Kibaki, once the Narc Government came into power in following the historic 2002 General Election.
On the subject of corruption, Prof Nyong’o sheds some light into what some figures in the Kibaki Government refer to as “The Scandal that never was” – Anglo Leasing.

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Greetings from Washington. We are extremely concerned by the situation in Kenya; everyone knows the violence and chaos must cease. I would like to be back in contact with Anyang Nyong’o. Haven’t seen him since 2003 or 04. We were involved with the Envisioning Africa’s Future conference organised by Aseghedech Ghirmazion and others when she was at Heinrich Boell Fdn in Nbo. Look forward to getting Nyong’o’s book.

I would be grateful if Marian Douglas-Ungaro can call me in Nairobi. My number is 254-724-264703.

Hello my friend. i am looking forward to talking with you. BADRU

Dear friend Anyang Nyongo. At last I can get to you. Please mail back so we can catch up. Badru Tejani.

You have extremely valuable points here and i applause you. I have seroius reservations though, especially among the current members of parliament and their attributes and abilities to bring about real change and i mean real. We have MP’s IN THE HOUSE who cannot only only express themselves and think rationally in order to have development in the continent. May i’m first and foremost suggest legislation to have the minimum prerequisite to be a member of parliament in kenya, (pass legislation) one must have a degree and it should be a honours, secondly, all those implicated in corruption must never hold a public office and should be tried and jailed including, posthumously, and including the former president who still things has a point to make after running down the country. THE other emphasise should be on education and health, the brain drain is inevitable and the beneficially are the west who are severely deficient in certain sectors i.e health professionals. Last but not least as medical minister its paramount in start bowel cancer screening, cervical cancer screening in order to administer vaccine to save the old and the young, as a health professional, the cervical cancer screening would prevent unnecessary deaths by upto 70% among women and did you know that, cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers in women worldwide and 80% of this cases occuring in less developed countries. bowel screening should be for over 60 years of age in the population, awareness of hiv and aids and the emphasis on killing tribalism hence nepotism that are rampage especially in your ministries.

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