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Motivational books galore

Lovers of motivational books have something to look forward to. Tomorrow, Saturday August 8, will be a gathering of six motivational authors at the Silverbird Lifestyle Store, formerly Nu Metro Media Stores, starting at 2.30 pm.
The authors will be signing their books as well as interacting with their readers. This goes to show that motivational writing in Kenya has come of age. And if you want to know what really moves in bookshops today, just visit the motivational sector.
Better still visit Keswick Bookshop, opposite Holy Family Basilica and you will be shocked by the volumes of books they move. Did I hear someone say Kenyans don’t read?
So where was I? Among the authors signing their books is Former cabinet minister Prof Kivutha Kibawana. He currently serves as an advisor to the president on the Constitution. His book, titled Walk With me God, takes a philosophical look at life and his relationship with God. You should read the book and see a different Kivutha from the blundering politician, who lost his Makueni seat in the 2007 elections.
Other authors include Hon Justice James Ogoola, the Chief Judge of Uganda High Court. His book is titled Songs of Paradise: A Harvest of Poetry and Verse. Justice Ogoola also sits on the Comesa Courts of Justice. Justice Ogoola’s book was launched in Kampala last month, and judging from the reviews in Ugandan media, I think it is a book worth reading.
Also to be signed is Ken Monyocho’s How to Save Money for Investment. Now, Monyoncho’s pocket size book has been flying off shelves, and it is should be in its third edition now. Without appearing to do PR for Monyoncho, the book, to me, is Kenya’s answer to Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad.
The other authors are Anthony Gitonga, who will be signing his book Pathway to Purpose, and Dare to Dream Again and Best Foot Forward, both written by Fred Geke.
Other authors are Nigerian Tokunboh Adeyemo, the executive director of the Centre for Biblical Transformation, as well as the General editor of Africa Bible Commentary. His books are Africa’s Enigma and Is Africa Cursed?
Children’s author Shel Arensen will also be signing his four books in the Rugendo Rhinos fiction series. The books are The Poison Arrow Tree, The Carjackers, Poachers Beware and The Secret Oath. The event starts at 2.30 p.m. and ends at 4.30 p.m. The books are published by WordAlive Publishers.
Lets meet there.