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Harare North revisited

Hi there,

Yesterday I blogged about Marimba Media, the new Pan African arts journalist platform, which, to all you art lovers, promises to be an exciting forum where you can interact with cutting edge arts reporting from some of the best arts journalists across the continent. While I pointed you to the review I did on Brian Chikwava’s debut novel Harare North. I would also like to draw your attention to what promises to be a lively debate on whether a Kenyan  is qualified to review a book that addresses the Zimbabwean situation. You can follow the debate here, and if you feel like making a contribution, you have to log in first by creating an account.

All the best.

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Marimba Media, here we come

Dear reader,

Marimba Media is a new pan Africa arts journalism website, and yours truly is a contributor. Make sure you log in and sample some of the best arts journalism written by journalists from across Africa. maybe, on a selfish note, you might begin by reading my review of Brian Chikwava’s novel, Harare North, here