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What does Palin have against books?

I must admit here that Sarah Palin, in spite of the awful things that have been said and written about her, pulled off quite a speech when she accepted her vice-presidential nomination at the Republican Convention.
She proved that just like Obama, she has what it takes to work up crowds and the Republican conservatives must really love her. While I would wish her well, as she and McCain face off with the formidable opposition of Obama-Biden, I can’t help but wonder what she has against books.
I think her speech was going on rather well until she decided to make Obama’s authorship the topic of her attacks against the Illinois Senator
“… it’s easy to forget that this is a man who has authored two memoirs but not a single major law or reform – not even in the state senate,” she charged. This was in obvious reference to Obama’s two best-selling books ‘Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance’ and ‘The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream.’
It is not hard to see that Palin is miffed by the positive publicity the two books have afforded Obama. On the contrary everywhere she turns she effortlessly attracts scandal and more scandal.
Isn’t it the height of mediocrity that any person, let alone a vice-presidential candidate, would decide to attack the very fountains of knowledge; books.
What example is the good lady setting to American children by pouring scorn on books? The saddest part in this macabre script is that those gathered actually cheered when she uttered these unfortunate words.
I can understand where she is coming from. Brawn as opposed to brains has served her well on her way to the top. When you hear that she managed to tear apart the “old boys” network in Alaska, as well as taking on oil cartels, don’t imagine she did it through the power of persuasion. Is it any wonder that the word Barracuda has liberally been used to describe her? Oh, by the way she loves guns and likes hunting.
I gather that Palin has a degree in Journalism. But pray tell, why she exhibit such contempt of knowledge and information?
In spite of everything, I still have much faith in Palin. She can redeem herself and even put her massive talents to good use by writing a book or books of her own.
Suggested titles:
Pregnancy Myths: A Working Mum’s Journey to the Top
More Guns, Less Books: My Dream for a Terrorist Free America
Good luck Palin. You really need it.

Update: I gather that sometime back in Alaska, Palin tried to get a librarian fired because the said librarian refused to remove some books, the governor found “offensive” for the library! How anti-knowledge can one get?